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The Twitter media downloader


What is Twitter Media Downloader?

Twitter Media Downloader is an online tool can help you download the highest quality version of videos or images on Twitter.. It downloads any twitter video directly to your mobile or computer. However there are few protected tweets which can only be seen to some users if they are logged in, and since this Twitter Media Downloader do not have access to those tweets, it can not download videos or gifs embedded in those tweets.

We do not host any copy right content on our server, user downloads all the videos & gifs directly from their respective CDN servers.

We constantly make improvements to @Xiazaibot , so that the user can get better experience while using our tool. But sometimes due to technical changes made in the twitter website by their team, you may get some issues while downloading. We tend to resolve those issues/bugs as soon as possible, we also request you to notify by writing an email to us.


Why am I making this tool?

I saw many videos circulating on Twitter and wanted to download them to share on WeChat, Line, Facebook, or collect them for editing Youtube videos. I thought maybe other people might have the same need, so I made it available for everyone to use. Maybe I will receive some tips from them.

Are there any other ways to download?

Method 1, leave a message under the video you want to download and mention my ID, and you will automatically receive the download link.:

For Apple users, you can directly download the "Backup and share Twitter video" shortcut from here and use it. It can save the highest quality video to your phone's photo album with one click, and you can also immediately forward it to platforms such as WeChat, Facebook, Line, and Telegram. The tutorial is available at: To save server resources, I will automatically redirect iOS users (including iPhone and iPad) to the shortcut mode when accessing this site. Please make good use of it.

For Method 3, you need to first install a user script manager extension on your Firefox or Chrome browser, such as Tampermonkey (Opera) , Tampermonkey(Chrome) , Tampermonkey(Firefox) , Tampermonkey(Microsoft Edge) , Tampermonkey(Safari) , 或 Userscripts (Safari). Only after installing the user script manager extension can you install the user script. Then, when browsing Twitter's web pages, there will be an additional download icon that allows you to download multiple images or videos.

Am I need to pay?

You can use it for free, or use similar tools provided by others. However, regardless of which tool you use, these tools are services that have development and operation costs. You may have heard the saying that if a product is free, then you are not a customer, but a "product". I won't treat you as a product or commodity, I will treat you as a customer. Each time you use it, you owe me one cent RMB, remember to pay me back when you have the money. Of course, I won't remember who you are. Currently, all users owe me a total of 1873.0124 US dollar.

Thank you for using! Your payment is a very important encouragement to me. Here are some payment methods:

If someone insists on using traditional bank transfer, I won't refuse. Here are my bank account details:BANK NAME:BANK OF TAIWAN ,HUALIEN BRANCH BANK ADD.:NO.3 KUNG YUAN ROAD, HUALIEN CITY,TAIWAN SWIFT CODE:BKTWTWTP018
A/C NO.:018-007-09371-5 A/C NAME:ZUOLA TECHNOLOGY CO,. LTD. TEL NO.:+886920955544.

I have a Lightning Network address that can receive Bitcoin donations, any amount is appreciated. My LN address⚡︎ is [email protected]

If you have a website, feel free to link to us; if you don't have a website, feel free to tell others about this service.

If you have the means, please feel free to show your support by making a donation, even if it's just one penny or the price of a cup of coffee.

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